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30 novembre 2010 2 30 /11 /novembre /2010 01:09

A new article in order to keep you informed on what is going on.

The kids are well.

Clovis goes to the Bush school which is quite close from home. He plays tennis every week and plays recorder as well. He likes it and will play clarinet next year.

In his classroom, they are organized by table-points. Clovis is in the team of the “Incredible” and try to make his team winning.

Apart from school, Clovis has asked to learn mandarin. So, every Saturday afternoon, he goes in another school (the Waitara one) to learn mandarin and according to his teacher, he is doing well.

Sydney goes to the childcare twice a week. I can’t say he likes it very much, he is quite reluctant to go there. But once in the place, it seems that he likes it and has made some friends. His best friends come just once a week the same day as him.


Clovis and Sydney speak now perfect English – with a touch of Australian accent. We are of course very happy of that, we even need to make them repeat to understand them.

But they tend to loose their French. Actually, Sydney is not able to pronounce a whole sentence in French anymore. Clovis can still do it, sometimes with some difficulties. In June, we have implemented the “French day”: on Saturday, everybody has to speak French. It didn’t work so well; Clovis had his soccer on Saturday and of course spoke English during the session. He and Sydney, during their games, used to speak English together. And the Saturday night arrived very quickly.

Since October, I have implemented the “French week-end”. I am pretty sure you will agree to say that it’s more significant like this. The result is not spectacular yet because it’s really too tough for Sydney to do that. We need to say the sentence in French so that he can repeat. Clovis is a good helper and tries now to speak in French when they play together.

Although there is a big job to do, if we maintain this organization, we can be reasonably optimistic concerning the outcome in a few months.


At the end of the winter, we took 10 day holidays in Palm Cove – Queensland. I will try to write an article on this, it was a good break.

Since October, we are not frozen anymore in our house, and Agnes has found the energy to look for another job. She got already several interviews and good hopes to find one rapidly.

We have worked on socialization and met different people: French people well settled, French freshly arrived, French looking for a sponsor, Clovis classmates’ parents, neighbours,…


We have started some work at home. I have been building a wall for 2 months, still some work to do.

One day, I will start to extend the terrace (I have the experience now after what I have done in France).

We have to install a reversible Air Conditioning system (the gas doesn’t come in the street and to get some gas bottles is much more expansive to run).


I will finish this article with some funny stories:


In June, Clovis asked me to get a DSI (electronic game). He saw that I wasn’t very keen with this idea (I must have said “we will see this one day…”). What do you think he did?

He took a sheet of paper and started to write on it.

“What are you doing Clovis?”

“I am writing a letter to Santa!”

“But we are in June! Christmas is far away!”

“I know, but he will get my letter; and when Christmas will come, I will get my DSI!”


So, he has already long-term objectives!


Recently, he received a letter from Santa. Yes, a real letter, I really don’t know where it comes from (probably the Real Santa!). In this letter, Santa says that Clovis has been a good boy this year and that he will come to deliver some presents.

“How does he know that?” he said, “How does he know that I am a good boy?!”

And after a while: “He must have a camera; yes, a camera he has put somewhere in the house!”


Now, from the little one:

A few months ago, he told me “I would like to have a little sister, and also a older sister!”


Quite tough task!


Two weeks ago, he was eating some bread in my car. He asked me:“Is bread made of wood?”

“No, bread is not made of wood, bread is made of wheat”

“So, what is made of wood?”

“…mmmh…, well furniture are often made of wood”

“And what else?

“Mmmh…, I don’t know…”

He thought for a while and suddenly he said proudly:

“Trees are made of wood!”


Only kids can invent these stories!

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<br /> Bravo pour l'idée du week-end en français ! Nous arrivons et avec nous, il y aura du français chaque jour. Pour la grande sœur que demande Sydney, je crois que Maïa fera l'affaire.<br /> <br /> <br />


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